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The PSX allows players to make money by buying and selling virtual team shares in the 2013 Major League Baseball season.

The PSX is a brand new leading edge Fantasy Sports game that allows players like you and me to make money by buying and selling virtual shares in professional sports leagues from around the world. This real money fantasy game will test your ability to analyze sports team match-ups and try to predict which team will be in line to receive dividends during the regular and post season.

There will be numerous opportunities to increase the value of your portfolio through your trading skills or through the dividend prizes that are awarded throughout the season. Which ever way you make a profit, we guarantee you will have more fun and be more involved than any fantasy sports game you have ever played.

What You Get

Since the PSX fantasy game involves the trading of Virtual shares, we will credit your account to build your own portfolio with a 20 times return on your pledge.

If you pledge $10.00, we will credit your account with $200.00 worth of credits to purchase any virtual team shares from the Virtual IPO which will take place prior to the start of the MLB season and remain in effect until the end of the first month of play. At this time, the Virtual IPO will close and trading will begin. Based on a teamís performance and other fundamentals relating to sports, prices will change.

Teams that didnít perform well last year might start at a price of $0.10 but in this new season their worth could go through the roof in turn making you money!

The funds collected here will be used to bring this exciting product to the market. It has been in production for a few years and now we just need to develop it for the new platforms (web, mobile devices).

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