What is The ProSports Exchange (PSX)?

The PSX is a Global Sports Stock Market Trading Platform that Turns Your Skill and Knowledge of Sports Into Real Cash!

The ProSports Exchange (PSX) combines the excitement and passion of professional sports with all the dynamics of a real world stock market. This sports specific trading platform builds a bridge between the sports world and real world stock trading while providing a new and innovative way for fans to interact with sports teams for fun and profit.

sports tradingThe PSX is a global sports specific stock exchange that allows anyone to buy and sell virtual shares in any team listed on the PSX. The value of the Virtual Shares are determined by the market and rise and fall in value according to the fundamentals of sports. Wins, losses, injuries, draft picks etc, all contribute to the positive or negative value of each team.

The ProSports Exchange (PSX) will disrupt the world’s financial markets by giving consumers an investing alternative. The world’s markets are currently unhinged and extremely volatile according to some of the smartest economists. The PSX is extremely transparent compared to other types of exchanges allowing for a more level playing field for investors. This transparency will also be attractive to any sports team wishing to list their team on the PSX and derive a profitable and sustainable revenue by partnering with the ProSports Exchange (PSX).

Why Choose The ProSports Exchange (PSX)?

We have the competitive advantage.

  • Trade stocks and options to buy and sell virtual shares in any team
  • Easily monitor all your buy and sell orders
  • Real-time sports news feeds and updates
  • Award-winning customizable dashboard
  • Analyze any sports market (NFL, NBA, EPL, NHL, Auto Racing etc.)
  • Research team activity for all the latest stats

Become a PSX Virtual Agent (Affiliate)

As a Virtual Agent (Affiliate) you will be paid a commission when a Player you refer buys Virtual Shares. Virtual Broker will also be paid a commission on the transaction fees Players pay when Players trade or sell their Virtual Shares.  Virtual Brokers can also refer other Virtual Brokers and make a commission on their group’s transactions.